Short wave Therapy (SWD)

Short wave Therapy (SWD)

Short Wave Diathermy (SWD) is a treatment that uses electromagnetic energy to produce deep healing in joints and soft tissues. This form of heat can be applied to deeper structures than other forms of heat treatment.
Diathermy is a therapeutic treatment most commonly prescribed for muscle and joint conditions. It uses a high-frequency electric current to stimulate heat generation within body tissues

• increasing blood flow
• relieving pain
• improving the mobility of tissues as they heal

Shortwave diathermy uses high-frequency electromagnetic energy to generate heat. It may be applied in pulsed or continuous energy waves. It has been used to treat pain from kidney stones and pelvic inflammatory disease. It’s commonly used for conditions that cause pain and muscle spasms such as:

• sprains
• strains
• bursitis
• tenosynovitis
• arthritis
• back pain
• fibromyalgia
• muscle spasms
• myositis
• neuralgia
• sprains and strains
• tenosynovitis
• tendonitis
• bursitis